More big ideas for things to do:

Things We Need To Get Started:
Register for IRS nonprofit status
Setup our first project
Volunteers who are passionate about teaching and making things from scratch
Volunteers who are good at writing grant proposals.

Things We Would Like To Do:
Teach people how to create and make things
Setup a space to teach coding classes and host meetup groups
Setup a space to teach hands on vocational skills
Encourage learning that doesn’t require waiting until a semester begins
Have a 24/7 space for play, work, and learning
Space where we can do noisy creative work at any time of the day or night

Things We May Need:
A space to setup a creative environment
3D printers
3D printer supplies
Adobe Creative Subscriptions (Acrobat, Photoshop, LightRoom, Premiere, Audition, etc)
Photography equipment (Cameras, lighting, studio equipment, etc)
Quickbooks licenses
Computer Workstations (i7, 16GB RAM)
Web and database servers (and licenses)
Arduino and Raspberry Pi components
Shure microphones
Video conferencing equipment
Desks (Can be stained flat doors with detachable table legs)
Projector Screen
Internet Access
Wifi Routers
Water dispensers with hot water
Single occupancy gender-neutral restrooms with showers
Conference rooms
Production studios

More Stuff:
A space to setup workshops for metal, concrete, and carpentry projects
Power tools
Air compressors for impact tools
Table saws
Vacuum dust control systems
Welding equipment

Brainstorming Even More Stuff:
A space to setup workshops for auto and engine projects
A space to setup workshops for green vehicle projects
A space for a commercial kitchen for food projects
A safe clean space for people to rest, sleep, and clean up
A safe place for people to store belongings while they are here
To partner with health organizations to provide health and dental care

Development Concepts:
Mobile application development
Blockchain development
Artificial intelligence
Green technologies
Alternative energy sources
Personal finance consulting
Fitness consulting
Real estate training
Arbitration training
Job placement/recruiting firm
Robotics lab
Science labs
Astronomy observatory
Aerospace education