The Meaning of Happiness

The world is full of sorrow.

The root of sorrow is attachment.

The uprooting of sorrow is the dropping of attachment.

The understanding that attachment is a false belief.

The false belief that any thing or person can make you happy.

True happiness is caused by nothing.

True happiness is uncaused.

If you ask the mystic why he or she is happy,

The answer will be “why not?”

No block.

No obstruction.

“Why not?”

Have you ever thought that if something causes your happiness,

When you lose that something, your happiness will be destroyed?

Has it ever occurred to you that if something causes your happiness,

You will become possessive of that thing?

You will become anxious lest you lose it?

Whatever that thing be,

Learning, reputation, good health, life itself.

How interesting.

The rediscovery of life.

You will never live until you stop clinging to life.

Let go.

When you cling, happiness dies.

If your happiness depends on anyone or anything,

That’s not happiness, my dears.

That’s anxiety.

That’s tension.

That’s pressure.

That’s fear.

— Anthony de Mello