Learning FAQ

How Does This Work?

There are different categories setup. We recommend if you are working on software development that you start with the first videos and links on the Learn page. Then start with watching the videos on the Why Learn Coding and the Becoming Indispensable pages first. After that, go down the list of pages and watch all of the videos and practice what you learn.

How Often Should I Do This?

A minimum of ten minutes a day and more if you can. Some of the videos are several hours long. Don’t watch them all at once. Watch a section and stop for the day. Then practice a little bit of what you learned. Keep it simple and take your time.

How Do I Stay Motivated? There Is So Much To Learn!

Ten minutes a day. That’s it. Don’t break the chain. If you do, don’t break it twice. You may recognize this concept from one of the starting videos by James Clear about building habits and becoming 1% better every day.

Does This Work?

That is up to you. Many developers learn on their own and lead rewarding careers. You can do it also.

What If I Don’t Want To Be A Computer Programmer? Why Should I Learn This?

Computer programming, coding, computer science, or whatever you want to call it is applicable to everyone. It is true that you can create a rewarding career as a software engineer. It is useful in any profession.

You may have things that you are doing every day that are tedious or that you wish were easier. You can write short programs, macros, or create improved management processes by using the logic and thinking skills that you will develop by learning to code. You don’t have to be an expert at it.

Think of it as changing the oil in your car. You can learn to do it yourself or you can pay someone twice as much to do it for you. By learning how to do it, you will know if someone you paid to do it for you is doing it correctly. Plus, it is fun to learn how things work.

Watching these videos will give you a better understanding of your own work, your team’s work, and whether something could use improvement in your everyday life.

All I Have To Do Is Watch Your Videos And I’ll Become A High Paid Expert?

Not even close. You have to practice what you learn. Many of the instructors we feature have more videos available that go into further detail. Find the parts that interest you and dig in deeper. Watch one every day and try out something new. That is the best way to learn. The money will take care of itself if you are persistent.

What Is Wrong With Going To School Or A Bootcamp To Learn This?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, we encourage you to do that. Getting a formal education is a great idea. You can purchase online courses, sign up for college courses in person, or attend other educational events. Learning on your own is the least expensive way to get started. We recommend that you watch videos here to see what interests you the most. Then continue to seek further education. There are many ways to learn.

What Software Do I Need?

Start with the free versions of Visual Studio Community and Notepad++. You will learn about the other tools as you go.