Issues to Research

The following issues are areas of interest that we would like to inspire unique technological solutions to improve processes or disrupt the existing market. We recognize that there are many large issues in the world such as climate change, migration, and similar things. Some of them already have significant resources being directed their way. These are a few things that we currently have thought of as potential projects. This list is dynamic and will change over time.

That which hinders your task…is your task. — Sanford Meisner

Help start and invest in businesses that focus on key issues.
Provide an environment to foster development of best business practices.
Develop software to match RFP requirements with a grant proposal outline.

Look for ways to offer free post secondary education and research.
Look for ways to eliminate in-state tuition to prevent discrimination.

Health and Social
Research current laws relating to drug possession.
Research drug addiction treatment methodologies.
Bullying and cyberbullying in schools.
High suicide rates.
Free 24/7 access to restroom facilities everywhere.
24/7 public transportation.
Pedestrian and bike safety in congested urban environments.
Widespread 24/7 access to quality food and medicine.
Ability to find work or housing after a misdemeanor or felony.
Radically improve homeless shelter and care options.
Work to find alternatives to expensive dental care and insurance.
Partner with social organizations to improve business processes.

Procedures to preserve your digital footprint after death
Continuity procedures for loved ones–cms-23492

Effective forest fire and severe storm emergency shelters – personal and community
Emergency fireproofing of homes and vehicles

Microlending in the fashion of Grameen Bank.
Look for ways to change credit reporting to prevent loan and employment discrimination.
Not requiring all three credit reports to make major purchases.
Tie higher credit scores to people without credit cards and no debt.
Being able to easily change names on house titles without extensive refinancing and other hurdles.

Better pay for teachers and social workers.
Not requiring a degree for workers with demonstrated years of experience.
Not requiring a degree for low paying jobs.
Making it easier to get entry level jobs for new college students.
Tying STEM and vocational courses into common degrees.
Rating companies based on work environment.