Four Courses You Need to Fast Track to Web Development

There are many different ways to become a software developer. We have been adding many YouTube videos in our learning section.

However, about a month ago, I started two Udemy courses about React and Node JS. React is for front-end website development and Node is for back-end development. Put together, you can build just about anything.

If you are interested in making websites, I highly recommend studying both topics. That said, there are prerequisites if you have never done this before.

You will need to learn HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript. These are sizable skills by themselves but not impossible to acquire with a quality course.

Brad Traversy has three excellent courses to cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node. Stephen Grider has one excellent course to cover front-end React development.

If you take all four courses over a few months, follow along with creating the projects, and do a couple projects of your own as you become inspired, you will be ready to look for a professional job as a junior developer and perhaps make a decent living if you want.

Here are the links to the four courses. Udemy has sales from time to time where you can buy courses for under $20 each so don’t get scared if you see they cost $150 each. I recommend installing the WikiBuy extension for Chrome to help find discount codes.

Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass) – Brad Traversy

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning – Brad Traversy

Node.js API Masterclass With Express & MongoDB – Brad Traversy

Modern React with Redux – Stephen Grider

These are not affiliate links. Perhaps one of these days I’ll get around to signing up for their affiliate program to help raise a few bucks for programs. For now…check out the links and start learning.