Equipment We Would Love to Have

Update June 22, 2019: If you have access to or no longer need any of the following items, we would love to put them to use. New is always awesome but used is fine as well.

We would like to setup a few workstations and one Linux server to run in our office. The server is to be setup as a web server to run web applications for the business. The first Linux workstation is for front office use. The second workstation would be setup as Windows 10 to do coding and photo editing. The third workstation would be a virtual machine server to create multiple Linux images for setting up test development environments that clients could use for personal use. The second Windows 10 license would be put to use in a virtual machine.

A basic Ethernet switch would be helpful for tying the network together. A KVM switch would be extra helpful so that the machines can live in a more compact space without needing multiple monitors and keyboards to run them.

All donations are tax deductible. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization with the IRS and will provide a receipt for all donations.

Text Robert Haasch at 602-663-0335 for more information.

  • Eight or sixteen port Ethernet switch 100Mbps minimum
  • Eight Ethernet Cat5/6 patch cables – 10 feet
  • Four desktop computers. Minimum specs: Intel i7 (6th Gen or newer), 16-32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD hard drive
  • Two 24 inch HDMI/DVI flat screen monitors
  • HDMI KVM switch
  • Two wireless USB keyboard and mouse
  • Two Windows 10 licenses
  • Two Microsoft Office licenses