2018 In Review

Big Rex as a concept was developed and incorporated in 2018. Big Rex was founded by Robert Haasch. In January, he started developing ways to help people solve problems.

Bitcoin and digital currency were in the middle of a big run at the beginning of the year and there was an idea to become familiar with and develop currency mining servers to help fund new ideas. The digital economy was in the middle of a large bubble that quickly corrected during the first quarter before hardware could be purchased.

The decision was made to explore ride share technologies to develop a way to help people make a supplemental income. Robert signed up on Lyft as an experiment and started volunteering using his personal vehicle to learn how to become proficient at this new skill.

Ride share was moderately successful and his time is being donated to help cover the basic technology bills such as cloud storage, web hosting, software licenses, office space, business startup costs, and other related items.

During 2018, we have influenced four people to sign up and do ride share driving for their own supplemental income. We have done hands on training for two of them. In addition, we have conducted hands on training for one other person about how to successfully make side money charging Bird scooters.

The BigRex.com domain name was purchased in March and the initial website was developed to help store ideas and documents related to setting up the corporation.

In June, papers were drafted and filed with the State of Arizona to incorporate Big Rex as a nonprofit corporation. In July, the Articles of Incorporation were accepted and became official. An EIN number was obtained from the IRS and a corporate checking and savings account was established at a local bank.

While doing ride share driving, Robert has handed out business cards and spoken to a number of people about our mission and goals.

In September, we did a photo shoot for Arizona State University to document an art project at Burton Barr Library in Phoenix after it re-opened this year.

In November, we started an online store using Shopify and Oberlo to demonstrate how to use those technologies to sell goods. We plan to use the store to train people how to develop their own drop shipping platforms to become entrepreneurs.

In December, we started compiling a list of YouTube videos for people to start learning software development from scratch.

During the fourth quarter, Robert experimented with charging Bird scooters to see how that worked. While not wildly successful, it was determined to be an effective way to raise a little side money for someone’s budget. He occasionally goes out and collects scooters to be knowledgeable enough to keep up with the frequently updated mobile app so that he can train others who are interested.

During our first year, we have been able to start building an infrastructure for the future. We look forward to helping people realize their dreams and improve their quality of life.