Stand Out Recruiting

Frequently a recruiter calls me and leaves a soulless message that sounds like a mumbled version of “Hello, this call is for Robert, I am John at Thgsajdnode Technient Solutions. I ran across your resume and would like to talk to you about a position you would be a fit for. Please call me back at 602-465-3 garble garble garble.”

If I’m lucky, they’ll mention the job title and occasionally the name of the company and the rate. It’s about as cookie cutter as it gets. I can get up to two dozen calls per day with exactly the same information.

If you are a recruiter and want to seriously get my attention, please send me an email with very detailed information included. Here are relevant things I’d really like to know without having to go through laborious job interviews to ask.

I know most of this is unknown because you are grabbing the information off of a job board just like I can. However, this is like online dating. If you send that perfect potential soulmate a simple “hi there, how are you” message on OkCupid, you’ll probably get ignored. Writing two or three well-formed paragraphs that show you read their profile will frequently get you a date. Staffing is very much the same thing.

You have to stand out or I’m not going to reply to you or the fifty other people just like you vying for my attention. If you can find a way to stand out, you may be able to convince me to talk to you.

Things I want to know:

  • Job title
  • City location of the position
  • Job skill requirements
  • Name of the company
  • Salary/Hourly rate and benefits
  • Size of the team
  • Summary of the project(s) I will be working on
  • Summary of the impact of the project(s) I will be working on
  • LinkedIn profiles of the team members
  • Whether the boss has past or current coding experience
  • Team’s Agile/Scrum experience level
  • Required hours and strictness of typical start and end times
  • Alternate work hours allowed?
  • Ability to work overtime to make more money
  • Realistic version of contract-to-hire timeline
  • Laptop issued?
  • Typical workstation specs. Windows version, RAM, hard drive size, number of monitors, etc.
  • Number of applications being maintained
  • Open or traditional workspace?
  • Remote work
  • VPN access
  • Administrator access to install software
  • Internet access policies and restrictions
  • Drug testing policy
  • Will I be able to secure affordable health care?
  • Will I be subjected to unpaid holidays or furloughs?
  • Dress code
  • Other company perks