About Us

Big Rex isn’t an ordinary organization. We’re looking for innovative solutions to everyday problems. We want to help inventors bring their ideas to life. We want to provide space and resources to help people design solutions for the things important to them.

Purpose (Articles of Incorporation)

  • Provide research and development into creative solutions for real world needs.
  • Promote effective altruism, global priorities research, skills training, career advice, software development, organizational management, job search, and basic life skills designed to benefit those located locally and abroad.
  • Provide programs to support positive growth within communities.
  • Provide education and resources for community and care providers.
  • Develop partnerships to affirm basic civil and human rights.
  • To do all things necessary and proper to accomplish the charitable purposes stated and permitted by non-profit corporations by law.

Who We Want To Help

We are looking for people who have skills to share, need help with their life or business, or can contribute assistance, money, or research to solve problems big or small. If you have free time to help us figure things out, help someone with a skill they would like to learn, or can help us raise money for equipment or facilities to help people out we would like to talk to you. If you have a specific problem you would like help solving, let us know so that we can find ways to work on it together.

We are not in this to make a lot of money but sometimes it takes money to solve problems. Money sometimes helps with time or outsourcing people to figure things out. Our goal is to share what we have and know. If something is in high demand we need to figure out how to make it self-sustainable as a separate venture so that we can use that to solve more problems. We want to help invent solutions and raise the money or equipment needed to keep it going.

What Big Rex Means

Think of it as a metaphor for developing creative solutions to little problems that if they continue will lead to extinction. Maybe if the dinosaurs had worked together they would still be here.

How We Are Funding This

Donations, grants, and your time is what will help us all accomplish our goals. Your time and ability to use your skills is most needed. We are starting small. As we find people to join us, we will gradually grow.

Management Style

We prefer to use Agile Methodology to manage our projects. Agile is an established project management system used in software development to gather requirements and develop projects in an iterative manner. We strive toward frequent releases that can be reviewed, tested, and deployed quickly. We see Agile as a useful tool for many types of projects, not just software.

Open Source

We would like to aim to have many of our business processes, software, and project management be open source and available to the public. We want others to learn from our research and be able to use it to benefit others. We wish to work alongside rather than compete with other organizations.

Mission Statement
Solving your problems. Altruistic research, development, and training for local and global improvement.

Core Values
Integrity first
Service before self
Excellence in all we do
Servant Leadership

Co-op Business Model
Step #1: You have something that people want.
Step #2: Find a way to share it with everyone who needs it.
Step #3: If it takes some effort for you to share it, charge a little something for your effort, to ensure that this giving can continue.