Big Rex

We promote effective altruism, global priorities research, skills training, career advice, software development, organizational management, job search, and basic life skills designed to benefit those located locally and abroad.

We want to solve the problems that you face day-to-day both locally and globally.

We are based in Tempe, Arizona. Our goal is to find and do what is valuable to the world. We plan to work with other organizations to identify where we are best effective and build teams of people to assist those in need.

Globally, our desire is to produce evidence-based research to benefit upcoming generations.

Our target audience includes charitable groups, students, people looking for new skills, people needing a hand up including but not limited to undocumented workers, refugees, houseless, rejoining communities, and others wishing to fit in.

We are open for people of all gender identities, nationalities, citizenship status, sexual orientation, social status, etc.

Mission Statement
Solving your problems. Altruistic research, development, and training for local and global improvement.

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How to Contact Us

For now you can write to us on Facebook at

Or contact:
Robert Haasch
602-663-0335 (Text preferred)